Guide to Brushing during Lockdown

This is a simple guide as to how we can keep ontop of grooming during lockdown. Please do not do anything you are uncomfortable doing and always call me for advice if needed. Groomers have had years of training so please leave the clipping to me simply to avoid any injuries!

You will need:

  • Brush

  • Comb

  • Scissors (only use if really necessary e.g. to cut out knots but do not use in the delicate areas!)

  • Plenty of Treats


The following image shows key areas to focus on:





Red- Priority areas that matt easily, brush and concentrate on first.

Yellow- Brush these areas second, they can matt too but not as quickly as the red areas.

Green- Concentrate on last, this area is usually unlikely to matt.

Tips for brushing:

  • Tackle a small section at a time

  • Follow the direction of the fur

  • Brush away from the skin and do not repeat in the same area for too long as it can hurt

  • Brush from root to tip away from the skin which gets the hidden knots underneath

  • Any tough knots that you can't get out, you can scissor out CAREFULLY. Only do this if comfortable and if the knot isn't in an area where the skin is folded because you could catch them. Small knots can turn matted hence the need to keep ontop of brushing!

  • Do not make it into a run around game. This is when mistakes happen as they need to be safe and still. (Refer to next point!)


If your dog if finding it stressful, take breaks and do it in stages. Treats always!! Sometimes brushing when a dog is tired/ after a walk helps as they are happier to chill.


Prone matting areas:

  • Behind the ears

  • Neck (where the collar sits and rubs)

  • Rib cage, chest and armpit (where the harness sits and rubs)

  • Tummy

  • Beard/ Chin/ Muzzle

  • Inside legs

  • Tail


Reasons for matting and how to avoid it!

When wet: Always dry off your pup after a wet walk. A dog may lick the wet areas as its uncomfortable and irritating which can form matts.

Friction: If your dog wears a harness, coat or bodysuit, only keep on when needed. Brush the dog once removed. The item rubs against the fur which causes the fur to matt. A human similarity is if your hair ever gets tucked into your scarf it can form a really tough knot!

The ‘Bottom Scoot’: If your pup every does the ‘bottom scoot’ across the floor and has a bit of a wriggle they usually rub there tail on the floor. This can cause the bottom area and top of the tail to become matted. Keep an eye out!


Back Up Plan:

The chicken shave off!

This is obviously NOT what we want however its a good point to understand. This is an obscure time and sometimes you can try your upmost and the knots will just not go and continue to worsen. Once the governments restrictions have been relaxed i will reopen immediately. If your dog unfortunately needs to be cut short, do not worry. Obviously the hair grows back really quickly but please know that this will be more comfortable for them. Where matts have formed, it means the skin can't ‘breath’ and can irritate them. You may also have learnt this through your own brushing experience, but if a matt has formed, no matter how much you have brushed it out, it reappears! This is because when you brush the hair, it damages the fur and splits the ends. We have to start again, and get underneath the knots. No groomer wants your pup to look like a chicken, but if needed, i promise to try make them look like a pretty chicken!

If you have ANY grooming questions, please contact me!

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