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A boutique dog grooming company offering bespoke appointments tailored for your dog’s happiness.


Located just moments from Reigate town centre on Reigate Heath, The Paw Shed offers a calm, stress-free environment where your dog will be pampered one on one.


We offer a variety of services designed to spoil your dog, ranging from a full pamper to a simple wash & go, all delivered by the safe and capable hands of a City & Guilds professional groomers.


The Shed

Our salon rooms are located on Reigate Heath in the perfect position for a muddy walk followed by a pamper.

The calm, peaceful setup allows us to accommodate both dogs that love a bath, to those that may need special attention. Its a secure space where any siblings can wonder while they await their turn, or we can play while waiting for an owner.


Regardless of your animal’s breed, age or mannerisms, each service can be tailored specifically to meet individual needs.


Full Groom

Needing a top to tail trim? A full groom includes a bath in our custom-made tub, the use of organic shampoos specifically selected for your dog's coat, which is then brushed, dried and finally styled to perfection.

Don’t want to get your home dirty when you return from a muddy walk or simply lack the time or energy to wash them in your bath? Wait & Wash is a 10-minute service giving your dog a quick scrub down and leaving them smelling as good as new!

Just want your dog to smell as fresh as a daisy even when they don't need a full groom? This service includes everything from a Wait & Wash but also includes drying and a brush out. Great for dogs who don't need all the trimmings or as an interim appointment for those who get matted.

The perfect way to introduce your little one to a salon environment and gently prepare them for the later years!

This groom is recommended for any puppy from 10 weeks to 6 months before their coat matures. A Puppy Pamper lasts between 30 to 60 minutes, taking your puppy slowly through the process and limiting future stress.

Is your dog one of the special few that has a wiry coat that needs hand stripping? This service is the same as a full groom but involves a different technique to removing the hair.

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